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How to Change App Region on Samsung's F and H Series Smart TVs

Last Updated: Apr 06, 2015 12:27PM EDT

Change App Region on Samsung's F and H Series Smart TVs:

The new Samsung Smart TVs have a new way of changing the app hub's region. Follow these simple steps to change your Samsung's Smart TV's app region.

It is important that your TV be connected to the Internet and that if you received 2 remote controls with your Samsung TV that you use the Smart Remote. Otherwise, these steps will not work.

These steps will result in your TV being reset to its factory settings.

Set TV to TV source

On your TV remote, press the source button and select TV.

Open Menu

Using your TV remote, find and press the Menu button.

Enter System menu

Navigate to the System section and click to enter.

Begin setup

By default, Setup will be selected. You can click on that to begin setting up your TV. If the Setup option is greyed out, that means you have not switched to the TV source. Please return and refer to the first step in this guide (Set TV to TV source).

Begin initial TV setup

You are now in the initial setup screen. You probably saw this screen when you first purchased and powered on your new Samsung Smart TV. Continue through this initial setup until you reach the Smart Hub Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy page.

Enter Country Location settings

On the Smart Hub Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy page, you will need to enter the following key sequence on your TV remote:
Mute, Return, Vol +, Channel Up, Mute

Select a region

If you would like to download and install UK apps, select United Kingdom. If you would like to download and install US apps like Hulu, select United States.

Note: You will not be able to view apps from 2 different regions at the same time. You will need to choose one region. If you'd like to change your region later, you must repeat the above steps again.


Click continue once you are happy with the region you have chosen.

Complete initial setup

Continue on and finish all of the remaining steps in the initial setup.

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