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Fix PS3's Netflix Regions Not Switching

Last Updated: Apr 13, 2015 12:20PM EDT

Are you having problems switching Netflix regions on your PS3? Netflix has started auto-switching DNS servers in order to improve the performance of their service. This usually results in good service on their part, but it can potentially disable Tunlr from working on PS3's Netflix app.

This issue only presents itself on the PS3 Netflix app, not on any other device. It is also an intermittent issue, so you may notice that Tunlr's region switching sometimes works on your PS3 Netflix, and sometimes it just doesn't.

This is an issue on Netflix's side, and not on Tunlr's. Tunlr still works great on other devices. Hopefully this guide can help and bring Tunlr's PS3 Netflix region switching function back to working order.

Fix PS3's Netflix Regions Not Switching

  1. Check your service status on Tunlr's Services page.
  2. Log back into the PS3 Netflix app by starting the Netflix app on your PS3 and holding the Start and Select buttons on your PS3 controller.
  3. Deactivate Netflix on all of your devices. If you don't know how to do that, follow Tunlr's tutorial. If this doesn't deactivate your PS3's Netflix account, use the PS3's Netflix's hidden menu (find out how).
  4. Log onto Netflix on your computer, and in the account settings, make sure that Best Quality is selected under Manage Video Quality.
  5. Disable the Facebook sharing if your Netflix account is linked to your Facebook account.
  6. After loading the PS3 Netflix app, go into the Kids section, and then return back to the default section.

It's very possible that none of the above steps will fix the issue of the PS3 Netflix app not being able to switch regions. If this is the case for you, you will need to change settings on your router. Unfortunately, this is not possible on every router. There is a feature called Static Routing that is essential for this fix. If it's not available on your router, there is not much else you can do. has been hard at work in adding guides for different kinds of routers. More guides are forthcoming, so please stay tuned.

Below are guides we have written for specific routers that should help you get your PS3 Netflix up to speed and working with Tunlr.

Once again, has been hard at work in adding guides for different kinds of routers. More guides are forthcoming, so please stay tuned.

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